Epoxy Glue | For Plastic And Metal

Epoxy glue is something that is used in households, work places and in the industry as well. You get many types of glue that is used to paste different types of material such as leather, wood, glass, steel and many more. These epoxy glues are able to bond the material they are made to bond at different strengths. If you need glue that could bond a number of different materials and if you need that bond to be rock hard the glue you must select is epoxy.

It is available in a handy small pack in the shop is made up of two substances that come in two little tubes. When you need to bond glass, steel, leather, rubber, fabric or even wood you can use epoxy glue. How to prepare epoxy glue for a small repair job at home is to take a piece of glass or any other clean surface and squeeze equal volumes of resin and the hardener of epoxy glue on to that. Then you need to mix the two components of the epoxy glue very well. The mix should be applied to the cleaned surfaces of the two parts to be bonded. Finally the two pieces applied with epoxy glue should be held together for around 8 hours to complete the bond.

There are several types of epoxy glues available in the market. The five minute epoxy glue is the type that dries fast. In five minutes its bond is complete. The clear epoxy glue doesn’t show the patch where the bonding is done unless you look at it carefully. Also the bonds made with clear epoxy glue do not develop the yellow color normally found with regular epoxy glues. Unlike the clear epoxy glue the regular epoxy glue will leave a light grey colored mark where the bond is made.

They are extensively used in industries due its ability to bond steel, glass and such different material together. Epoxy resin glue is available in a number of formulas manufactured by different manufacturers. One of the industrial applications of epoxy resin glue is the jewelry Industry. When plastic jewelry is made they use this particular glue to bond pieces together. When you use epoxy resin glue you must mix only a small volume at a time to avoid too quick drying. The higher the volume of epoxy glues you mix the quicker is the drying. Another important point to remember is to not to apply too much of the glue. Epoxy glues do not contract on drying the excess glue will harden as it is. If you have used too much of the glue you will have a hard time trying to cut the excess glue with sand paper.      

Epoxy glues made by different companies take different times to harden. The time lag from when you take the resin out until it hardens is called the pot life and the time lag from when you make the bond to the time for the bond to harden is called the cure time. Whatever the time they take to bond. 

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